Foxton Locks

The old gang met up for Sunday roast a couple of weeks ago, deciding to meet up at Foxton Locks, Leicestershire.

Foxton Locks are ten canal locks consisting of two “staircases” each of five locks, located on the Leicester line of the Grand Union Canal about 5 km west of the Leicestershire town of Market Harborough and are named after the nearby village of Foxton.

They form the northern terminus of a 20-mile summit level that passes Husbands Bosworth, Crick and ends with the Watford flight

Staircase locks are used where a canal needs to climb a steep hill, and consist of a group of locks where each lock opens directly into the next, that is, where the bottom gates of one lock form the top gates of the next. Foxton Locks are the largest flight of such staircase locks on the English canal system.

Foxton Locks, LeicestershireFoxton Locks 02Foxton Locks 03Foxton Locks 04Foxton Locks 05Foxton Locks 06Foxton Locks 07Foxton Locks 08Foxton Locks 09Foxton Locks 10Polished off the obligatory Sunday roast.
Foxton Locks 11Foxton Locks 12Foxton Locks 13Foxton Locks 14Foxton Locks 15Foxton Locks 16Too cold for ice cream? Foxton Locks 17Foxton Locks 18Foxton Locks 19Foxton Locks 20Foxton Locks 21Foxton Locks 22Foxton Locks 23Foxton Locks 24Foxton Locks 25Foxton Locks 26Foxton Locks 27Foxton Locks 28
Group photo opportunityFoxton Locks 29Foxton Locks 30Foxton Locks 31Foxton Locks 32Foxton Locks 33Foxton Locks 34Foxton Locks 35

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