Great Yarmouth Pre-Wedding Shoot

Shelley and Simon get married later this year in August at the Church of St Peter and St Paul, Abington in Northampton. When I first met with them both to discuss their wedding day plans we talked a little about doing something different for their pre-wedding shoot. ┬áSo, with the outcome being that we’d do a shoot at the seaside we headed over to a very windy Great Yarmouth in Norfolk.

Great Yarmouth beach portrait 01Great Yarmouth beach portrait 02Great Yarmouth beach portrait 03Scroby Sands Wind FarmSand Dunes Portrait 01Sand Dunes Portrait 02Sand Dunes Portrait 03Sand Dunes Portrait 05Sand Dunes Portrait 05Sand Dunes Portrait 06black and white portraitStroll in the dunes 01Stroll in the dunes 02Great Yarmouth Pier 01Great Yarmouth Pier 02Great Yarmouth Pier 03Portrait on PierSurely it would be a bit of a sin to visit the seaside and not have fish and chips for lunch?Fish and Chips
Amusement Arcade 01Amusement Arcade 02And of course it would be a little bit rude to ignore the amusement arcade 2 penny slot machines!Archway portraitBlue door portraitRollercoasterScratch your head

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