Gavin James Burke – Portrait Shoot Part 1

Gavin got in touch with me earlier this year as he was looking at putting together a new portfolio of portrait shots for a website he’s launching.  As a singer Gavin is involved in various different projects currently and in the past has performed in West End musicals and shows.  Gavin’s website is to launch very soon and I’m really excited to be part of it so when the site goes live I’ll be sure to promote it here on the blog so that you can head over and hear Gavin’s amazing voice.

I did two shoots with Gavin.  The first of which shown here took place in Northampton on an exceptionally windy evening in May. Photos from the second shoot will be up on the blog soon.

Gavin James Burke 1Gavin James Burke 2Gavin James Burke 3Gavin James Burke 4Gavin James Burke 5Gavin James Burke 6Gavin James Burke 7Gavin James Burke 8Gavin James Burke 9Gavin James Burke 10

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  1. Aaron says:

    Beautiful work as always. Fantastic processing!

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