Ruth & Barney’s Wedding

Ruth and Barney’s wedding was very ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll’ complete with its own guest rock band! ┬áThe whole day took place at the Hunsbury Hill Centre in Northampton which is a fascinating 18th Century former farm complex comprising of a main farm house, barns and outbuildings dating back over 200 years.

With Ruth and Barney heading off to Glastonbury straight after the wedding, the day had very much a laid back festival feel, and thankfully unlike the festival itself the weather was ideal on the big day.

Leading up to the wedding Ruth and been very busy getting every small detail perfect for the day, from the table decorations and the intricate butterflies to the Glastonbury-esque flags.

Barney is an exceptionally talented musician and he, along with family and friends, put on an amazing musical performance in the late afternoon of rock and pop classics which went down incredibly well with the guests.

I wish Ruth and Barney all the very best in their new married life.

Ruth & Barney 01Ruth & Barney 02Ruth & Barney 03Ruth & Barney 04Ruth & Barney 05Ruth & Barney 06Ruth & Barney 07Ruth & Barney 08Ruth & Barney 09Ruth & Barney 10Ruth & Barney 11Ruth & Barney 12Ruth & Barney 13Ruth & Barney 14Ruth & Barney 14Ruth & Barney 16Ruth & Barney 16Ruth & Barney 18Ruth & Barney 19Ruth & Barney 20Ruth & Barney 21Ruth & Barney 22Ruth & Barney 23Ruth & Barney 24Ruth & Barney 25Ruth & Barney 26Ruth & Barney 27Ruth & Barney 76Ruth & Barney 29Ruth & Barney 30Ruth & Barney 31Ruth & Barney 32Ruth & Barney 33Ruth & Barney 34Ruth & Barney 35Ruth & Barney 36Ruth & Barney 37Ruth & Barney 38Ruth & Barney 39Ruth & Barney 40Ruth & Barney 41Ruth & Barney 42Ruth & Barney 43Ruth & Barney 44Ruth & Barney 45Ruth & Barney 46Ruth & Barney 47Ruth & Barney 48Ruth & Barney 49Ruth & Barney 50Ruth & Barney 51Ruth & Barney 52Ruth & Barney 53Ruth & Barney 54Ruth & Barney 55Ruth & Barney 56Ruth & Barney 57Ruth & Barney 58Ruth & Barney 59Ruth & Barney 60Ruth & Barney 61Ruth & Barney 62Ruth & Barney 63Ruth & Barney 64Ruth & Barney 65Ruth & Barney 66Ruth & Barney 67Ruth & Barney 68Ruth & Barney 69Ruth & Barney 70Ruth & Barney 71Ruth & Barney 72Ruth & Barney 73Ruth & Barney 74Ruth & Barney 75

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One Response to Ruth & Barney’s Wedding

  1. Paul says:

    Great day, great photos!

    Thanks to Ruth and Barney for allowing us to be part of it and for Aaron for capturing it so well.

    Paul, Helen + Edi

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