Gavin James Burke – Portrait Shoot Part 2

Earlier on the blog I shared with you a set of images I took for the singer Gavin James Burke.  As promised here is the second installment of photos which were taken at various locations in central London.  The afternoon started off reasonably bright and dry but unfortunately as time went on we were faced with a down pouring of rain. In many ways the rain added drama to some of the shots and made us think a little outside of the box as to which locations we could use!

Gavin James Burke 01Gavin James Burke 02Gavin James Burke 03Gavin James Burke 04Gavin James Burke 05Gavin James Burke 06Gavin James Burke 07Gavin James Burke 08Gavin James Burke 08Gavin James Burke 10Gavin James Burke 11Gavin James Burke 12Gavin James Burke 13Gavin commissioned these photos (along with the previous set) to be used on his website that is now finished and online.  You’ve seen plenty of photos of him, now go and visit his website to hear some sample audio clips of his singing. Visit the Gavin James Burke website here.

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2 Responses to Gavin James Burke – Portrait Shoot Part 2

  1. Tony Bayliss says:

    Great set Aaron, love the light and different locations, still trying to work out where a couple of them. Great Job!

  2. Antony says:

    man, these are great! 3rd and 11th image are superb! good work

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