Kirsty & Mark’s Seaside Engagement Shoot

With all of the glorious sunshine we’ve been having it seems appropriate to share with you the photos from Kirsty and Mark’s engagement shoot. The shoot itself took place in the beautiful seaside town of Southwold on the Suffolk coast, famous for its beach huts, pier, and of course its beer! Kirsty and Mark had said they were a little apprehensive about being photographed on their wedding day which takes place in May of next year. An engagement / pre-wedding shoot is a great way to overcome that apprehension and following this shoot both Mark and Kirsty said how much they enjoyed it and that come the ‘Big Day’ they’ll feel really comfortable having their photo taken. For me they were a dream to photograph.  Both are very much in love with each other and I think that comes across in the photos – they were just so happy and smiley!  So here are a few chosen shots from the afternoon.Kirsty & Mark 01Kirsty & Mark 02Kirsty & Mark 03Kirsty & Mark 04Kirsty & Mark 05Kirsty & Mark 06Kirsty & Mark 07Kirsty & Mark 08Kirsty & Mark 09Kirsty & Mark 10Kirsty & Mark 11Kirsty & Mark 12Kirsty & Mark 13Kirsty & Mark 14Kirsty & Mark 15Kirsty & Mark 16Kirsty & Mark 17Kirsty & Mark 18Kirsty & Mark 19Kirsty & Mark 20Kirsty & Mark 21Kirsty & Mark 22Kirsty & Mark 23

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  1. Carole Neill says:

    What a wonderful idea. Lovely relaxed pictures.

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