Winter Wedding – Jackie & James

Jackie and James had their wedding in early December at Rushden Hall in Northamptonshire. Having done quite a few portraits shoots in the grounds of Rushden Hall (including Jackie and James’ pre-wedding shoot seen here) I was really looking forward to finally shooting a wedding in Rushden Hall itself.
Jackie & James 01

Having visited the venue I started documenting the wedding at James’ parents house where he and best man Carl were getting ready with Jackie and James’ son Ethan. From the beginning it was clear that Ethan would be the star of the day!
Jackie & James 02Jackie & James 03Jackie & James 04Jackie & James 05Jackie & James 06Jackie & James 07Jackie & James 08Jackie & James 09Jackie & James 10Jackie & James 11

The day of the wedding also happened to be James’ Grandmother’s 90th birthday, so it would have been rude not to have taken a formal portrait of her don’t you think?
Jackie & James 12

So with everyone ready to head off from James’ parent’s house I met up with Jackie at home with her parents and the bridesmaids… soon to be joined by Ethan.
Jackie & James 13Jackie & James 14Jackie & James 15Jackie & James 16Jackie & James 17Jackie & James 18Jackie & James 19Jackie & James 20Jackie & James 21Jackie & James 22Jackie & James 23Jackie & James 24

When I met up with Jackie and James for their final pre-wedding meeting about a week before the big day they suggested that they would like some formal portraits taken before it got too dark and therefore prior to their ceremony which was at 3.30pm. I was of course delighted with this suggestion and so we scheduled in about 10 minutes to get some shots taken before they needed to meet with the registrar.
Jackie & James 26Jackie & James 27Jackie & James 28Jackie & James 29Jackie & James 30Jackie & James 31Jackie & James 32

So into Rushden Hall itself where Ethan was once again stealing the show and entertaining the guests until the ceremony began.
Jackie & James 33Jackie & James 34Jackie & James 35Jackie & James 36Jackie & James 37Jackie & James 38Jackie & James 39Jackie & James 40Jackie & James 41Jackie & James 42Jackie & James 43Jackie & James 44Jackie & James 45Jackie & James 46Jackie & James 47Jackie & James 48Jackie & James 48iJackie & James 49Jackie & James 50Jackie & James 51Jackie & James 52Jackie & James 53

Before I left Jackie, James, Ethan, and their wedding guests to enjoy their wedding meal I asked if Jackie and James could brave the chilly December weather for some further portraits. This time, in the dark using some off camera flash, with a little help from best man Carl keeping hold of the lighting set up.
Jackie & James 54Jackie & James 56Jackie & James 55
I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with Jackie and James and it was truly an honour to photograph their wedding day. I wish them every happiness for the future.

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