Northampton Wedding – Emma & Terence

When I first met with Emma and Terence they explained that their wedding was going to be a small intimate affair shared with just close family on the afternoon of Christmas Eve. Terence also went on to say that both he and Emma were also photographers – so no additional pressure for me there then! They had booked The Falcon at Castle Ashby in Northamptonshire and simply wanted me to photograph the events as they happened. Of particular importance was to get some strong portraits of the two of them. We had great fun at their pre-wedding shoot so I knew I’d have a great time photographing their special day. Below is a selection of frames from the day…
Emma & Terence 01Emma & Terence 02Emma & Terence 03Emma & Terence 14Emma & Terence 15Emma & Terence 16Emma & Terence 17Emma & Terence 21Emma & Terence 06Emma & Terence 05Emma & Terence 07Emma & Terence 08Emma & Terence 09Emma & Terence 10Emma & Terence 11Emma & Terence 12Emma & Terence 13Emma & Terence 22Emma & Terence 23Emma & Terence 24iEmma & Terence 26Emma & Terence 27Emma & Terence 28Emma & Terence 29Emma & Terence 32Emma & Terence 33Emma & Terence 34Emma & Terence 36Emma & Terence 37Emma & Terence 38Emma & Terence 39Emma & Terence 40Emma & Terence 42Emma & Terence 43Emma & Terence 45Emma & Terence 46Emma & Terence 47Emma & Terence 48Emma & Terence 49Emma & Terence 50
All the very best to Emma & Terence, I wish you every happiness in your marriage together.
Emma & Terence 51

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