Kirsty & Mark’s Wedding

Kirsty and Mark’s wedding day was amazing. They were lucky enough to have incredible weather with lots of sun and clear blue skies. When I met up with them both at their consultation meeting last year they already had the idea that they’d like to have a seaside theme running through their wedding day. I really think they pulled it off – wait till you see the flowers and table centre pieces! Enjoy perusing through some of my favourite images from their day…

Kirsty & Mark Wedding_001Kirsty & Mark Wedding_002Kirsty & Mark Wedding_003Kirsty & Mark Wedding_004Kirsty & Mark Wedding_005Kirsty & Mark Wedding_006Kirsty & Mark Wedding_007Kirsty & Mark Wedding_008Kirsty & Mark Wedding_009Kirsty & Mark Wedding_010
Shortly before the ceremony I met up Mark at The Crabtree in Hemel Hempstead. We had just enough time to do a few formal portraits before heading over to the church just around the corner.Kirsty & Mark Wedding_011Kirsty & Mark Wedding_012Kirsty & Mark Wedding_013Kirsty & Mark Wedding_014Kirsty & Mark Wedding_015Kirsty & Mark Wedding_016Kirsty & Mark Wedding_017Kirsty & Mark Wedding_018Kirsty & Mark Wedding_019Kirsty & Mark Wedding_020Kirsty & Mark Wedding_021Kirsty & Mark Wedding_022Kirsty & Mark Wedding_023Kirsty & Mark Wedding_024Kirsty & Mark Wedding_025Kirsty & Mark Wedding_026Kirsty & Mark Wedding_027Kirsty & Mark Wedding_028
Kirsty & Mark Wedding_029Kirsty & Mark Wedding_030

The reception took place at Tewin Bury Farm in Hertfordshire, which as a child Kirsty and her family used to visit when it was a working farm – and get their fresh farm produce.  I bet she never thought she’d one day get married there.
Kirsty & Mark Wedding_031Kirsty & Mark Wedding_032Kirsty & Mark Wedding_033Kirsty & Mark Wedding_034Kirsty & Mark Wedding_036Kirsty & Mark Wedding_037Kirsty & Mark Wedding_038Kirsty & Mark Wedding_039Kirsty & Mark Wedding_040Kirsty & Mark Wedding_041Kirsty & Mark Wedding_042Kirsty & Mark Wedding_043Kirsty & Mark Wedding_044Kirsty & Mark Wedding_045Kirsty & Mark Wedding_046Kirsty & Mark Wedding_035Kirsty & Mark Wedding_047Kirsty & Mark Wedding_048Kirsty & Mark Wedding_049Kirsty & Mark Wedding_050Kirsty & Mark Wedding_051Kirsty & Mark Wedding_052Kirsty & Mark Wedding_053Kirsty & Mark Wedding_054Kirsty & Mark Wedding_055Kirsty & Mark Wedding_056Kirsty & Mark Wedding_057
Boogie time!
Kirsty & Mark Wedding_058Kirsty & Mark Wedding_059Kirsty & Mark Wedding_060

My thanks to Kirsty and Mark for asking me to photograph such a unique and incredible day.

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  1. Kirsty Gray says:

    Aaron, this is a beautiful selection of the photos from our day-thank you so much!!

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