Today marks one year since we re-homed Bruno. Animals In Need in Irchester took Bruno in at the beginning of 2012. He was very unhealthy and had clearly been considerably neglected. Animals In Need, who do a fabulous job, had tried to re-home him several times prior to us meeting him at the beginning of April last year. All he really needed was to be part of a family who would provide him the love and care that he deserved. It wasn’t easy in the first couple of months. He’d had very little socialisation and so didn’t know how to behave around other dogs, pulled very badly when walking, scavenged for food, not to mention the chewing of shoes and speaker cabling! However, we could see right from the very first moment that we met him how affectionate, playful, loyal, and downright cute (and very photogenic!) he is. As you can see, he’s a proper poser when the camera comes out! Bruno’s favourite thing? Probably playing ball, maybe exploring in the woods, or maybe just sitting on the sofa having his belly tickled! We couldn’t imagine being without him now…
Bruno_001 Bruno_002 Bruno_003

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