One Year On – Our Wedding Album

I photographed Kirsty and Mark’s wedding a year ago this weekend. To celebrate their first wedding anniversary Kirsty and Mark got in touch to ask me to produce their wedding album as their gift to each other – after all, paper is the traditional gift for a first wedding anniversary. I asked them both to write something for the blog to explain why having an album of their wedding day was so important to them.
Kirsty & Mark Album_001
“The world of wedding photography has certainly changed since the days when our parents were getting married. In fact the world of photography has changed a heck of a lot in that time as well.  The 1 hour developing shops may have disappeared and the ‘over exposed’ stickers become a thing of the past, as we embraced the world of the digital photograph. And it’s great to have a complete set of digital images from our wedding, especially when someone as talented as Aaron has been clicking the button on the camera. However there is something cold about a world in which all we do with photographs is save them on our computers.
Kirsty & Mark Album_002
Of course Kirsty and I have already made use of Aaron’s work, with photographs adorning our wall. But part of Aaron’s skill is his ability to capture the atmosphere of a wedding, in real reportage style and a few photographs proudly displayed hardly does that skill justice.
Kirsty & Mark Album_003
As Kirsty and I approached our first anniversary, the question of gifts arose. Paper is a hard thing to find something romantic enough to mark such a heady occasion with. A wedding album seemed to fit the bill perfectly.  It was also a great way to reminisce about the day, in the build-up to our anniversary. It was fun to view the photos closely again, and wonderful to notice some images that had passed us by before.
Kirsty & Mark Album_004
Selecting the right photographs for the album was really no problem, and judging by Aaron’s proofs he had no problem fitting them into a beautiful narrative of our day. The colours, memories and atmosphere of the day came flooding back.
Kirsty & Mark Album_005
Kirsty says ‘this really was the perfect way for us to mark our 1st Anniversary, from choosing our favourite pics of the day, seeing Aaron’s design for the first time and finally holding the finished album in our hands and seeing the story of our wedding day come back to life as we turned the pages…..incredible! Happy Anniversary to my Mr Right’
Kirsty & Mark Album_006
A wedding album might seem old fashioned, and it might seem a less vivid souvenir of a wedding day than a video, but there is still certainly a place for an album in reminding you of the joy of a wedding day. This is especially true when someone with the photographic and creative skills of Aaron is on hand to help with the whole process.”
Kirsty & Mark Album_007

You can view my blog post of Kirsty and Mark’s wedding by clicking here. 

Happy Anniversary to Kirsty & Mark.

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