Vicki & Dave – Hothorpe Hall Wedding

Vicki and Dave had their wedding at Hothorpe Hall in Leicestershire back in June. It was a privilege to photograph their intimate marriage ceremony with just close family in attendance followed later in the day with a wedding blessing with the rest of their family and friends. Below are a few photos from their day.
Vicki&NickWedding_0001 Vicki&NickWedding_0002 Vicki&NickWedding_0003 Vicki&NickWedding_0004 Vicki&NickWedding_0005 Vicki&NickWedding_0006 Hothorpe House Wedding Vicki&NickWedding_0009 Vicki&NickWedding_0008 Vicki&NickWedding_0010 Vicki&NickWedding_0011 Vicki&NickWedding_0012 Vicki&NickWedding_0013 Vicki&NickWedding_0014 Vicki&NickWedding_0015 Vicki&NickWedding_0016 Vicki&NickWedding_0017 Vicki&NickWedding_0018 Vicki&NickWedding_0020 Vicki&NickWedding_0021 Vicki&NickWedding_0022 Vicki&NickWedding_0020 Vicki&NickWedding_0024 Vicki&NickWedding_0025 Vicki&NickWedding_0026 Vicki&NickWedding_0020 Vicki&NickWedding_0028 Vicki&NickWedding_0020 Vicki&NickWedding_0030 Vicki&NickWedding_0031 Vicki&NickWedding_0032 Vicki&NickWedding_0033 Vicki&NickWedding_0034 Vicki&NickWedding_0035 Vicki&NickWedding_0036 Vicki&NickWedding_0037

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