Elaine & Sam – Olney Wedding

Elaine and Sam were married at the beginning of August at St Mary’s Church in the Northamptonshire village of Bozeat and had their reception at The Carlton Club in Olney. I started the day with Sam and the boys at Sam’s parent’s house. Everyone was incredibly calm and relaxed with plenty of time to enjoy some bucks fizz and a game or two of Super Mario Kart.
Elaine & Sam Wedding_001Elaine & Sam Wedding_002Elaine & Sam Wedding_003Elaine & Sam Wedding_004Elaine & Sam Wedding_005Elaine & Sam Wedding_006Elaine & Sam Wedding_007Elaine & Sam Wedding_008Elaine & Sam Wedding_009Elaine & Sam Wedding_010
Then it was on to meet Elaine in Bozeat. By the power of Skype, Elaine was joined by family members all the way from Texas who were able to be part of Elaine’s day even though they were thousands of miles away. It was the first time I’d photographed someone on a laptop as part of my wedding day coverage!
Elaine & Sam Wedding_011Elaine & Sam Wedding_012Elaine & Sam Wedding_013Elaine & Sam Wedding_014Elaine & Sam Wedding_015Elaine & Sam Wedding_016Elaine & Sam Wedding_017
St Mary’s at Bozeat is a gorgeous little village church. It was a real pleasure to be able to photograph throughout the ceremony and during the signing of the register of marriages.
Elaine-&-Sam-Wedding_018Elaine & Sam Wedding_019Elaine & Sam Wedding_020Elaine & Sam Wedding_021Elaine & Sam Wedding_022Elaine & Sam Wedding_023Elaine & Sam Wedding_024Elaine & Sam Wedding_025Elaine & Sam Wedding_026Elaine & Sam Wedding_027Elaine & Sam Wedding_028Elaine & Sam Wedding_029Elaine & Sam Wedding_030Elaine & Sam Wedding_031Elaine & Sam Wedding_032Elaine & Sam Wedding_033Elaine & Sam Wedding_034Elaine & Sam Wedding_035Elaine & Sam Wedding_036Elaine & Sam Wedding_037Elaine & Sam Wedding_038
After the ceremony we were blessed with a little bit of sun on what had so far been a very wet rainy day. Time for some group photos, that all important confetti and of course some portraits.
Elaine & Sam Wedding_039Elaine & Sam Wedding_040Elaine & Sam Wedding_041Elaine & Sam Wedding_042Elaine & Sam Wedding_043Elaine & Sam Wedding_044Elaine & Sam Wedding_045Elaine & Sam Wedding_046Elaine & Sam Wedding_047Elaine-&-Sam-Wedding_048aElaine & Sam Wedding_048Elaine & Sam Wedding_049
Then on to the Carlton Club in Olney for the wedding breakfast and evening of partying!
Elaine & Sam Wedding_050Elaine & Sam Wedding_051Elaine & Sam Wedding_052Elaine & Sam Wedding_053Elaine & Sam Wedding_054Elaine & Sam Wedding_055Elaine & Sam Wedding_056Elaine & Sam Wedding_057
Another first for me at this wedding was being able to photograph the actual proposal! The typewriter with that very piece of paper was what Sam produced for Elaine to read as his proposal of marriage. Only fitting then that the photo of the engagement and wedding rings should be on the typewriter.
Elaine & Sam Wedding_058Elaine & Sam Wedding_059Elaine & Sam Wedding_060Elaine-&-Sam-Wedding_060aElaine & Sam Wedding_061Elaine & Sam Wedding_062Elaine & Sam Wedding_063Elaine & Sam Wedding_064Elaine & Sam Wedding_066Elaine & Sam Wedding_065Elaine & Sam Wedding_067
Congratulations to Elaine and Sam! It was a great honour to photograph your special day.

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