Stacey & Richard – Dodmoor House Wedding

At the end of September last year I had the absolute pleasure to photograph the wedding of Stacey and Richard in Northamptonshire at the fabulous Dodmoor House (who were last week named Best Wedding Venue at the 2013 Wedding Industry Awards!). For late September we had some incredible weather, with lots of sunshine and warmth.  Stacey and Richard win the award for funkiest wedding cake of the year, make sure you check it out. My thanks to Jack Westhead who joined me on the day as second shooter and assistant for me.  Here are some of my favourite photos from the day.
Stacey & Richard Wedding_001Stacey & Richard Wedding_002Stacey & Richard Wedding_003Stacey & Richard Wedding_004Stacey & Richard Wedding_005Stacey & Richard Wedding_006Stacey & Richard Wedding_007Stacey & Richard Wedding_008Stacey & Richard Wedding_009Stacey & Richard Wedding_010Stacey & Richard Wedding_011Stacey & Richard Wedding_012Stacey & Richard Wedding_013Stacey & Richard Wedding_014Stacey & Richard Wedding_015Stacey & Richard Wedding_016Stacey & Richard Wedding_017Stacey & Richard Wedding_018Stacey & Richard Wedding_019Stacey & Richard Wedding_020Stacey & Richard Wedding_021Stacey & Richard Wedding_022Stacey & Richard Wedding_023Stacey & Richard Wedding_024Stacey & Richard Wedding_027Stacey & Richard Wedding_028Stacey & Richard Wedding_029Stacey & Richard Wedding_030Stacey & Richard Wedding_031Stacey & Richard Wedding_033Stacey & Richard Wedding_034Stacey & Richard Wedding_035Stacey & Richard Wedding_036Stacey & Richard Wedding_037Stacey & Richard Wedding_038Stacey & Richard Wedding_039Stacey & Richard Wedding_040Stacey & Richard Wedding_041Stacey & Richard Wedding_042Stacey & Richard Wedding_043Stacey & Richard Wedding_044Stacey & Richard Wedding_045Stacey & Richard Wedding_046Stacey & Richard Wedding_048Stacey & Richard Wedding_049Stacey & Richard Wedding_050Stacey & Richard Wedding_051Stacey & Richard Wedding_0521171_ABC4615

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  1. Barry Pullen says:

    Lovely photos of a wonderful day for our families

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