Fiona & Tom – Northampton Wedding

Fiona and Tom’s wedding was my last of 2012. They married in the middle of December at The Saracen’s Head in Little Brington, Northampton. It has been a real pleasure getting to know Fiona and Tom over the past year and it was an absolute honour to document their day.  I’ve selected a few of my favourite photos, though it was so tough not to show double the amount!
Fi&TomWedding_001 Fi&TomWedding_002 Fi&TomWedding_003 Fi&TomWedding_004 Fi&TomWedding_005 Fi&TomWedding_006 Fi&TomWedding_007 Fi&TomWedding_007b Fi&TomWedding_008 Fi&TomWedding_009 Fi&TomWedding_010 Fi&TomWedding_011 Fi&TomWedding_012 Fi&TomWedding_013 Fi&TomWedding_014 Fi&TomWedding_015 Fi&TomWedding_016 Fi&TomWedding_017 Fi&TomWedding_018 Fi&TomWedding_020 Fi&TomWedding_021 Fi&TomWedding_022 Fi&TomWedding_023 Fi&TomWedding_024 Fi&TomWedding_025 Fi&TomWedding_026 Fi&TomWedding_027 Fi&TomWedding_028 Fi&TomWedding_029 Fi&TomWedding_030 Fi&TomWedding_031 Fi&TomWedding_032 Fi&TomWedding_033 Fi&TomWedding_034 Fi&TomWedding_035 Fi&TomWedding_036 Fi&TomWedding_037 Fi&TomWedding_038 Fi&TomWedding_039 Fi&TomWedding_040 Fi&TomWedding_041 Fi&TomWedding_042 As the ceremony was late in the afternoon in the middle of December we arranged to do a post wedding shoot (aka ‘rock the frock’ or ‘cherish the dress’ session) to get some lovely outdoor portraits. So on a bitterly cold day in January Fiona and Tom got back in their wedding gear for a few more photos.Fi&TomWedding_044 Fi&TomWedding_045 Fi&TomWedding_046 Fi&TomWedding_047 Fi&TomWedding_048 Fi&TomWedding_049 Fi&TomWedding_050 Fi&TomWedding_051

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