Kim & Yusef – Catthorpe Manor Wedding

Could I have been the snow jinx? I was starting to think I was as the two occasions I met Kim and Yusef prior to their wedding we had loads of snow!  For their pre-wedding shoot in January the night before we had a deluge of snow – which made for some beautiful portraits that you can see here and then again a month before their wedding, this time at their reception venue of Catthorpe Manor. Thankfully on the day of the wedding the weather behaved itself! Kim and Yusef married at Oadby Baptist Church that they both attend and the very place where they first met. The service was one of the most touching that I’ve had the honour to witness and photograph. Following some drinks and nibbles at the church everyone made the short trip down the M1 to Catthorpe Manor for the reception. I’ve selected a few of my favourite photos from the day for you to view below.
Kim & Yusef_001
Kim & Yusef_003 Kim & Yusef_004 Kim & Yusef_005 Kim & Yusef_006 Kim & Yusef_007 Kim & Yusef_008 Kim & Yusef_009 Kim & Yusef_011 Kim & Yusef_012 Kim & Yusef_013 Kim & Yusef_014 Kim & Yusef_015 Kim & Yusef_016 Kim & Yusef_017 Kim & Yusef_018 Kim & Yusef_019 Kim & Yusef_020 Kim & Yusef_021 Kim & Yusef_022 Kim & Yusef_023 Kim & Yusef_024 Kim & Yusef_025 Kim & Yusef_026 Kim & Yusef_027 Kim & Yusef_028 Kim & Yusef_029 Kim & Yusef_030 Kim & Yusef_031 Kim & Yusef_032 Kim & Yusef_033 Kim & Yusef_034 Kim & Yusef_035 Kim & Yusef_036 Kim & Yusef_037 Kim & Yusef_038 Kim & Yusef_039
Many thanks to Kim and Yusef for letting me capture your special day – it was an absolute blast!

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