Cara & Stuart – Kettering Wedding

On this cold and grey November day I thought I’d share with you a wedding from one of the hottest days of the summer! Cara & Stuart married at the beginning of July in Kettering. The weather was hot hot hot…! Here are a few photos from their special day.
Cara & Stuart_0001 Cara & Stuart_0002 Cara & Stuart_0003 Cara & Stuart_0004 Cara & Stuart_0005 Cara & Stuart_0006 Cara & Stuart_0007 Cara & Stuart_0008 Cara & Stuart_0009 Cara & Stuart_0010 Cara & Stuart_0011 Cara & Stuart_0012 Cara & Stuart_0013 Cara & Stuart_0014 Cara & Stuart_0015 Cara & Stuart_0016 Cara & Stuart_0017 Cara & Stuart_0018 Cara & Stuart_0019 Cara & Stuart_0020 Cara & Stuart_0021 Cara & Stuart_0022 Cara & Stuart_0023 Cara & Stuart_0024 Cara & Stuart_0025 Cara & Stuart_0026

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