Dodford Manor Wedding – Candy & Aarron

Candy and Aarron’s wedding took place back in August of last year was my first oriental wedding that I’d photographed. As soon as I arrived at Candy’s parents house it was full on with lots of family members and chinese traditions. Candy and Aarron, along with their family and friends continued their wedding celebrations with a chinese banquet at The Oriental Garden in Northampton after which they had the marriage ceremony at Dodford Manor.

Filming the action on the day was Mark Hinton of The Big Day Productions. You can see Mark’s film at the end of this post. If you’re considering having your wedding filmed I would definitely recommend to check out more of Mark’s films and see if he’s available on your date – he’s a man in demand!

Hope you enjoy some of my favourite photos from Candy & Aarron’s wedding.

Candy & Aarron_0001 Candy & Aarron_0002 Candy & Aarron_0003 Candy & Aarron_0004 Candy & Aarron_0005 Candy & Aarron_0006 Candy & Aarron_0007 Candy & Aarron_0008 Candy & Aarron_0009 Candy & Aarron_0010 Candy & Aarron_0011 Candy & Aarron_0012 Candy & Aarron_0013 Candy & Aarron_0014 Candy & Aarron_0015 Candy & Aarron_0016 Candy & Aarron_0017 Candy & Aarron_0018 Candy & Aarron_0019 Candy & Aarron_0020 Candy & Aarron_0021 Candy & Aarron_0022 Candy & Aarron_0023 Candy & Aarron_0024 Candy & Aarron_0025 Candy & Aarron_0026 Candy & Aarron_0027 Candy & Aarron_0028 Candy & Aarron_0029 Candy & Aarron_0030 Candy & Aarron_0030 Candy & Aarron_0032 Candy & Aarron_0033 Candy & Aarron_0034 Candy & Aarron_0035 Candy & Aarron_0036 Candy & Aarron_0037 Candy & Aarron_0038 Candy & Aarron_0039 Candy & Aarron_0040 Candy & Aarron_0040 Candy & Aarron_0042 Candy & Aarron_0043 Candy & Aarron_0044 Candy & Aarron_0045 Candy & Aarron_0046 Candy & Aarron_0047 Candy & Aarron_0048 Candy & Aarron_0049 Candy & Aarron_0050

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  1. Really lovely photos! Enjoyed this wedding x

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