Normanton Church Wedding – Louise & Amrik

When I first bought a camera I used to spend a lot of time doing landscape photography and one of the places that I would occasionally visit was Normanton Church on Rutland Water. Little did I know that a few years later I’d be photographing weddings there! Louise & Amrik had their marriage ceremony at Normanton Church followed by their wedding reception at Wicksteed Park (a place I remember visiting a long time ago as a child – the pirate ship doesn’t seem quite as foreboding as it did when I was 8!).

It was an absolute joy to photograph Louise and Amrik’s wedding day, and I took one of my absolute favourite images of 2013 at it.  Here are a few of my favourite photos from their special day.

Louise & Amrik_0001 Louise & Amrik_0002 Louise & Amrik_0003 Louise & Amrik_0004 Louise & Amrik_0005 Louise & Amrik_0006 Louise & Amrik_0007 Louise & Amrik_0008 Louise & Amrik_0009 Louise & Amrik_0010 Louise & Amrik_0011 Louise & Amrik_0012 Louise & Amrik_0013 Louise & Amrik_0014 Louise & Amrik_0015 Louise & Amrik_0016 Louise & Amrik_0017 Louise & Amrik_0018 Louise & Amrik_0019 Louise & Amrik_0020 Louise & Amrik_0021 Louise & Amrik_0022 Louise & Amrik_0023 Louise & Amrik_0024 Louise & Amrik_0025 Louise & Amrik_0026 Louise & Amrik_0027 Louise & Amrik_0028
Louise & Amrik_0034Louise & Amrik_0029 Louise & Amrik_0030 Louise & Amrik_0031 Louise & Amrik_0032 Louise & Amrik_0033Louise & Amrik_0035


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