Kristy & Edd – Northamptonshire Wedding

When I first met Kristy & Edd and they described what they were planning for their wedding I knew it was the kind of day that I wanted to document. Fun and retro was how they described their day and thats exactly what it was.

They were married last September at the Church of St Bernadettes in Rothwell followed by a reception at The Aviator in Sywell, Northamptonshire which suited perfectly with their retro styling.

A tremendous amount of thought and detail went into personalising their wedding day, with a jukebox for the evening dancing, 7 inch records as table names, and the wedding cake in the shape of a record player. Super cool!

Hope you like the selection of photos from the day that I’ve shared below…

Kristy & Edd_0002Kristy & Edd_0001
Kristy & Edd_0003 Kristy & Edd_0004 Kristy & Edd_0005 Kristy & Edd_0006 Kristy & Edd_0007 Kristy & Edd_0010Kristy & Edd_0009
Kristy & Edd_0011 Kristy & Edd_0012 Kristy & Edd_0013 Kristy & Edd_0014 Kristy & Edd_0015 Kristy & Edd_0016 Kristy & Edd_0017 Kristy & Edd_0018 Kristy & Edd_0019 Kristy & Edd_0020 Kristy & Edd_0021 Kristy & Edd_0022 Kristy & Edd_0023 Kristy & Edd_0024 Kristy & Edd_0025 Kristy & Edd_0026 Kristy & Edd_0027 Kristy & Edd_0028 Kristy & Edd_0038Kristy & Edd_0037Kristy & Edd_0029 Kristy & Edd_0030 Kristy & Edd_0031 Kristy & Edd_0032 Kristy & Edd_0033 Kristy & Edd_0034 Kristy & Edd_0035 Kristy & Edd_0036

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  1. A lovely wedding. Nice to see a couple happy to break away from the manufactured, traditional mould and be a little different. The bride’s dress is gorgeous as are the bridesmaids’. Love the red and white theme, right down to the groom’s socks.

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