Crockwell Farm Wedding – Katie & Alex

Crockwell Farm Wedding Photographer_0023This is the wedding of Katie & Alex. Their wedding took place at one of my favourite Northamptonshire wedding venues, Crockwell Farm. I was extremely touched by the feedback I received from Katie and Alex after they had received their photos from the day and so I thought I’d share it with you together with a few of my favourite photos from their perfect wedding day.

“We knew you were the photographer for us when we were in the early stages of planning our wedding and we came across the incredible quality of your previous work. We loved your ability to capture the enchanting moments of every wedding day in such a natural and wonderful way.

It was a pleasure to have you there on our wedding day. On the day (and it was a hot one!)
you were so incredibly hard-working and you had an impressive ability to quickly gather our guests for any of those key formal shots that we had requested. At times, and I mean this in the nicest way possible, we frequently forgot you were there. You appeared to fit effortlessly into the background of our lovely wedding party. You described yourself as an unobtrusive photographer and this you definitely were.

Seeing our photographs, we were absolutely delighted. They are simply beautiful. The quality of your work is astounding but it is your amazing ability to capture the beautiful moments that we are most impressed with. Some of our favourite photographs from your collection are ones where we and our guests are completely unaware you have caught the moment on film. We remember our day as one full of love and laughter and seeing your photographs was like being there all over again. You caught it all for us and translated it into photographs that we will cherish for the rest of our lives.

Thank you, Aaron. Your photographs will be treasured in our homes and hearts forever.”

Crockwell Farm Wedding Photographer_0002 Crockwell Farm Wedding Photographer_0003 Crockwell Farm Wedding Photographer_0004 Crockwell Farm Wedding Photographer_0024Crockwell Farm Wedding Photographer_0005 Crockwell Farm Wedding Photographer_0006 Crockwell Farm Wedding Photographer_0007 Crockwell Farm Wedding Photographer_0025 Crockwell Farm Wedding Photographer_0026Crockwell Farm Wedding Photographer_0008 Crockwell Farm Wedding Photographer_0020Crockwell Farm Wedding Photographer_0021Crockwell Farm Wedding Photographer_0022

Crockwell Farm Wedding Photographer_0027Crockwell Farm Wedding Photographer_0010 Crockwell Farm Wedding Photographer_0011 Crockwell Farm Wedding Photographer_0012 Crockwell Farm Wedding Photographer_0013 Crockwell Farm Wedding Photographer_0015
Crockwell Farm Wedding Photographer_0017Crockwell Farm Wedding Photographer_0018Crockwell Farm Wedding Photographer_0019Crockwell Farm Wedding Photographer_0028Crockwell Farm Wedding Photographer_0014

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