Cambridgeshire Farm Wedding – Hannah & Rob

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Back to April 2019 for the wedding of Hannah & Rob. I was joined on the day by my good friend Steve to second shoot for me. This meant that I could photograph Hannah and her bridesmaids in the morning and Steve spent his time capturing Rob and the boys getting ready and heading to the church. The full story is captured! Once all ready, Hannah and her bridesmaids and flowers girls all piled in the back of a LandRover Defender to take the trip to the church. The wedding ceremony took place at St Nicholas Church in the Cambridgeshire village of Glatton. From the ceremony it was then onto the family farm a short drive away in Sawtry Fen.

At the farm one of the big barns had been cleared out and inside essentially a marquee was set up. On the farm there were some fantastic abandoned lorry trailers as well as some industrial looking barns which got me all excited! I love these kind of textures, shapes and colours for backdrops to portraits and informal group photos.  We’d don’t the formal family photos at the church which were quite traditional so for the bridesmaids and groomsmen group photos I could go to town with those very untraditional wedding backdrops.

For the more romantic portraits of Hannah & Rob in the afternoon it was off to the farmhouse gardens and driveway. Into the early evening we headed back to those grungier areas for some dusky portraits.

I really enjoyed capturing Hannah & Rob’s big day and I’ve compiled some favourite shots for you to see below.

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