Stoke Rochford Hall Wedding – Bethany & Harry

Bethany & Harry Wedding_0025Last year I had the absolute honour of photographing Bethany & Harry’s Stoke Rochford Hall Wedding. The venue is absolutely stunning with beautiful grounds and stunning architecture. The wedding was featured on the English Wedding Blog earlier this year so click on the link to read what Bethany & Harry had to say about their amazing day.
In short…
1) It was a very emotional day, Bethany and Harry are two of the loveliest people I’ve met.
2) The flowers arrangements were incredible and designed by a RHS Chelsea Flower Show Gold medalist!
3) There were ice creams! And I indulged with one myself.
4) Harry is a talented musician and even runs his own music label so in a few quiet moments I was happy to chat with him about obscure artists that no-one else has usually heard of.
5) The wedding breakfast was traditional afternoon tea with scrumptious cakes! WARNING – there are photos of it below and they will make you hungry.

Enjoy having a look through some of their wedding photos.
Bethany & Harry Wedding_0029Bethany & Harry Wedding_0002 Bethany & Harry Wedding_0003 Bethany & Harry Wedding_0004 Bethany & Harry Wedding_0005 Bethany & Harry Wedding_0006 Bethany & Harry Wedding_0007 Bethany & Harry Wedding_0008 Bethany & Harry Wedding_0009 Bethany & Harry Wedding_0010 Bethany & Harry Wedding_0011 Bethany & Harry Wedding_0012 Bethany & Harry Wedding_0013 Bethany & Harry Wedding_0014 Bethany & Harry Wedding_0023Bethany & Harry Wedding_0019Bethany & Harry Wedding_0020Bethany & Harry Wedding_0021Bethany & Harry Wedding_0015 Bethany & Harry Wedding_0016 Bethany & Harry Wedding_0017 Bethany & Harry Wedding_0018

Bethany & Harry Wedding_0022
Bethany & Harry Wedding_0024
Bethany & Harry Wedding_0026 Bethany & Harry Wedding_0027 Bethany & Harry Wedding_0028If you’re planning a Stoke Rochford Hall wedding please get in touch and see if I’m available.

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