Twenty Eighteen

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Its true what they say.  As you get older the years seem to speed by quicker and quicker.  Why is that? Maybe I’m just having more and more fun with each year that passes!  2018 was the year where photography had me travelling more than any other previous year. Wedding photography took me all over England,  to Nottinghamshire, Shropshire, Essex, Leicestershire, Oxfordshire, Devon, Hertfordshire, Derbyshire, as well as plenty in my home county of Northamptonshire.  In addition I was very excited to also travel to France, Portugal, and Greece to document wonderful destination weddings and to travel back once again to the US for some corporate photography.

And so to the task of curating a set of images that represent my 2018 wedding season.  Never an easy task to single out images from 21,034 wedding photos I’ve delivered to couples during the year. I went through each and every wedding to pull out images which I was drawn to for one reason or another.  Its clear to me I get most satisfaction from capturing people truly ‘in the moment’ at a wedding whether its a silly moment or a heartfelt emotional moment.  And do you know what… each and every wedding I shot this year was bursting with happiness, fun, excitement, and incredible characters full of life.

So enough of my waffle… hope you enjoy a glimpse of my 2018!


And so to 2019.  Its shaping up to be another incredible year of weddings taking me once again all around England as well as to Scotland and even as far as Vermont in the US! There are a couple of dates still available for 2019 and couples planning ahead have already bagged themselves key dates in 2020. So if you or anyone you know are looking for a photographer to capture a super awesome wedding day then get in touch and lets chat.

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